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"I am writing this letter to tell you how happy we are with your product Chassis Saver. As you know our equipment is used for snow and ice removal, and is constantly subjected to salt and liquid calcium chloride. This combination usually produces a very corrosive situation, Your product has been most effective in retarding this effect. It has reduced by fifty percent the amount of refinishing we have had to do on our vehicles. We would highly recommend this product to anyone facing similar situations with their fleet. Thank you for providing us with such an excellent product.

                                                    — T.V., Ohio Dept Of Transportation
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"I have waited before saying anything about your Chassis Saver product until I had a chance to try both your product and the competition. I am very satisfied with the finish and durability. The restoration I completed 3 years ago looks as if it was done a few months ago. Your product is by far the most durable and provides excellent coverage. Chassis Saver is really awesome paint, it beats the finish of POR-15 hands down."

                                                    — J.C., Colorado Springs, CO

"We have used your paints in the past and are very satisfied with the finish and durability. The restorations done 5 or more years ago look as if they were done a few months ago. Your product is very durable and provides excellent coverage."

                                                    — E.Z. - Farm Owner, Aurora, Ohio

"Oh by the way I have bought a gallon of your Chassis Saver before for my race car, and I have to say that stuff is awesome. Very high quality product for a very good price. Sure beats POR-15!!!"

                                                    — L.M., Woretown, New Jersey

"We sandblast and repaint every kind of fleet you can imagine. We repaint everything with Magnet Paints and are very pleased with the results and the cost savings. I've got about ten different companies trying to sell me paint, but they can't beat what I'm already getting with Magnet."

                                                    — M.R., Halifax, Massachusetts

"I just started using Magnet's 4800 paints to refinish the dumpsters that we repair, and I haven't found any other product that comes close. Our boxes last throughout the entire winter without rusting. Magnet's paint holds up a lot better than others, so it's definitely worth it."

                                                    — S.S., Huntington, Pennsylvania

"Here in the maintenance yard we repair dented and damaged cranes, especially the boom sections. I only use Magnet Paints for this work. The price is really low, yet it does such a great job."

                                                    — D.C., Newark, New Jersey

"Chassis Saver is probably the best product I've ever seen when it comes to protecting car and truck frames. We do a lot of diesel truck work. With Chassis Saver, we just pressure wash the frame, spray it on and we're done. It holds up well, it's very flexible, durable, and doesn't chip. Every customer that we do it for ends up very pleased."

                                                    — K.R., Ottsville, Pennsylvania

"We routinely use the 9000 Series paints to refinish heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles such as farm tractors. We consistently get excellent service from Magnet Paints, and we are more than satisfied with their product. The paint holds up well and the application is very easy. Besides, the price savings we receive by using Magnet Paints gives us a competitive advantage."

                                                    — J.M., Mt. Holly, New Jersey

"So far, so good. I've been using it four years, and we've done three trucks with Chassis Saver. So far it has been working very, very good. It's holding up very well. It lasts a lot longer than anything else. It seems that they don't lie about what they say. You follow their instructions and you won't have any trouble."

                                                    — D.D., Manchester, New Hampshire


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